We all want to be the most professional PR representative there is, but we always feel like we are lacking something. If you feel the same way as us, you came to the right place because we have compiled a list of techniques that will elevate your PR game. These tips, tricks, and trends will ensure that you become the PR professional you were destined to be!


It’s All About Reputation

Today we are focusing on PR in the realm of social media and one of the areas that can see the largest area of improvement is online reputation management. Everyone has either heard or uttered the phrase, “How do they look on Yelp?” which can be a boon, or a bruise, for that company. For the PR department, reputation management has become an almost incredible task because it is impossible to truly control what is being said online. This can be tackled by communicating with consumers and trying to remedy the situation. Luckily, social media sites and online forums can also be a goldmine for beneficial information because it can be a place to see what consumers like and dislike about a company.

Facebook Live

We’re Doing it LIVE!

Continuing with the social media trend, we arrive at its newest development: live-video. Live-video is poised to dominate the social media world in 2017 and with that comes many opportunities, as well as threats. In a world that is dominated by visuals, live video embodies the epitome of the desire to witness something special and unique; something that cannot be seen anywhere else because live videos can be incredibly spontaneous and unfiltered. This aspect of Live Videos has caused some uproar because it has been used to display horrible acts of violence and depravity. This means that PR departments must be incredibly aware of what they are producing and the possible repercussions that can occur because live video is like live T.V. – wildly unpredictable!

The Evolution of Influencer into Contributor

Lastly, we wanted to take a moment to discuss social media’s influencers and how they play a role in the PR department. Influencers have always been high value targets for PR departments, but they are increasingly turning into contributors for a company. Rather than just finding an influencer with a large following, companies are seeking out influencers who are in-line with their goals. The backlash following Youtube-sensation PewDiePie’s exit from Youtube, following his posting of anti-semitic materials, shows that PR departments must ensure that their chosen influencer has similar views and beliefs, and is not a raving lunatic in their off time!

Being in PR requires that you always be on the cutting edge of what’s new and trending because the story is always evolving. If you’re not doing your part to control what’s being said, anything can – and will – be said. Follow these tips to better handle your relations with the public and become the “PRofessional” you’re destined to be!