We know that managing PR for a company or client can be challenging. They always seem to want something out of reach or expect you to use your spin-wizardry to change a story that is clearly unchangeable. We at Puzzle Pieces Marketing hear you, and we want you to know that you’re not alone in your struggles to manage the unmanageable. For this reason, we have searched and scoured our sources to develop some PR techniques that will help your public relations become PR-fect!

Earned media before promoted media

Just like everything else in life, it’s always sweeter when you’ve received something that you’ve earned, rather than just handing over the cash. The same can be said for PR; the media that you earn is often much more beneficial than the media you have to pay for. It not only benefits the PR department, it benefits the marketing department as well because they can better amplify the amount of views an organic piece garners. Earned media also creates an aura of authority that others will respect and trust.

Contributor Marketing: The New Normal

Contributors are more important in the PR realm. Due to this, PR departments must be tactful when courting contributors because they are becoming increasingly scarce and are less likely to work with a company they do not trust or respect. To better attract contributors, a few rules should be adhered to; always respect their time because they are busy, never try to sneak inappropriate promotions into an article, and always try to pitch articles with the audience engagement in mind. Following these rules will help you interact with your contributors for mutual success!


Books are always good PR

Before the advent of the internet, books and authors ruled in the world of “authority”. Although they have been sidelined by articles and lists, books still hold a place of respect in peoples’ hearts and minds. Due to their nature, books usually contain more detail than an article could ever contain. They also help overcome trust barriers that could hinder PR opportunities. Lastly, books can be the positioning tool to re-position one’s company away from sketchy-website into respected pillar of integrity on the Internet.

There you have it, three foolproof ways to up your PR game and get that demanding client of yours off your back. Puzzle Pieces Marketing is committed to helping you, your cause, and your anxiety by making your PR endeavors as painless as possible. Now get out there and show off your PR-fect PR techniques!