Employee appreciation can go a long way when building the foundation of your company culture. With continuing cutbacks and layoffs you might automatically assume that such an extravagant gala isn’t in your budget. Our theory is that unsatisfied staff members and poor employee retention will cost you even more! If you are looking to host an event this season, check out some of these resources for ideas, they are budget friendly and perfectly themed for your next holiday soiree.


HolidayMarketingPrivate Club or Golf Course – If you already belong to an organization like the University Club or your local Golf Course, check to see what kind of exclusive member rates you might be able to get on space rental. These venues offer several variations and can be customized for your party size.

Wedding Venues – With wedding season over there are a lot of deals available in the cooler winter months. Many popular places require months (and sometimes YEARS) of advanced planning but if you consider having your even mid-week you might find a reasonable price and surprising availability.

Restaurants – Some restaurants will allow you to rent out entire dining rooms for your event and can offer affordable options on food and beverages to fit your budget. Most will also provide the seasonal decor as well. Call a few of your favorite places and ask about private party options.

Support Small Businesses – Call up your local art gallery, theater, wine bar, kitschy coffee house or high end salon. Thinking outside the box can open the door to joint ventures and help create awareness at some of your favorite places. Even if the business has never rented out their space before, go into the conversation with a win-win attitude and suggest your thought out proposal efficiently.

Community Centers and Neighborhood Clubhouses – City Halls, Non profit organizations, and some of the newly manufactured neighborhoods are just a few of the places you can rent out a space for your event. Often times they will require a smaller deposit and flexible availability. Plus, they can bring your team together in a community many are already a part of.

Onsite – If you have the space to host an event onsite there is no reason why it can’t be a fabulous event. By saving money on the venue costs you can option to bring in better caterers, a dj or live music, and even something extra like gift cards or white elephant prizes.

Extra large groups can look into things like hotels, theme parks, and museums. Again, large events like these can require advanced planning and often times an event coordinator. If the venue doesn’t automatically provide one, you can schedule a free consultation with Puzzle Pieces Marketing Event Services to learn more.