United states online Retailers 2012 schedule to launch online holiday campaigns

United states online Retailers 2012 schedule to launch online holiday campaigns

Puzzle Pieces Marketing is excited to share our top 5 favorite marketing ideas for increasing holiday spending in your business.

While September isn’t even here yet, it is once again that time of year to finalize your holiday promotion campaigns and order any marketing materials you might need to create a professional branded presence.

For many businesses, this time of the year can make or break annual sales. It’s estimated that more than $640 billion will be spent during the 2013 holiday season.

Encourage you customers to shop local through the ideas provided below. You can like our Facebook page for more creative ideas in marketing year round. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Puzzle Pieces!


5 DIY Holiday Marketing Ideas for Small Business


1. Create an Email Campaign

The holidays are a great time to build your email list and start planning your 2014 Newsletter campaign. By promoting offers available exclusively through email you can establish a database of both customers and potential customers. Incorporate online sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest to promote sign ups.  Additionally, consider offering a perk or discount for new sign ups and referrals.


2. Host an Event or Fundraiser

FUNDRAISERS | Check with your local food banks and charities and find out if they are collecting supplies like canned food, toys, blankets, and warm clothes. If you have a store front, volunteer as a drop off location. If you don’t, consider partnering with a local business and host a one day event. Use online and offline resources like direct marketing and social media to promote your cause.

EVENTS | Host an open house or special client appreciation holiday party for your customers or public. Contact local restaurants, community centers, libraries, art galleries and chambers to find a great rate or location for a larger event. Or use your own space to encourage customers to visit you after hours for exclusive an exclusive first look at your new products and services.


3. Contests & Raffles

Giveaways are a great way to build and engage your audience online as well as customers on location. Contact your suppliers for sample products or team up with other businesses to cross promote your services.

Facebook Rules: https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php#promotionsguidelines

4. Send Holiday Cards

Create a unique design and take the time to hand write thoughtful messages or sign a card. Invest in some postage stamps and create a tangible reminder that you care about your customers. Include your vendors and sales reps too! This simple gesture will not only create cheer but also help you stand out from the crowd.

An IMPORTANT reminder: Do not include ANY marketing speak. This should be a simple “thank you” and “happy Holidays.” If you try to sell your products/services it will defeat the purpose and you will lose credibility.


5. Offer Gift Certificates

SALES | Sell and promote your gift certificates. They make great gifts for people who already use your services and can be customized in any denomination, making them literally the perfect gift.

DONATIONS | Donate gift certificates for raffles and fundraisers at local charities. They can also be auctioned off to help raise money for some great causes.

After the holidays, send out a few to your loyal customers. A good rule of thumb is to total up their total purchases for the year and send them 10% in gift card or gift certificate form. It’s a simple gesture that will ensure return visits in the new year.


PUZZLE PIECES MARKETING TIP | You can build a bigger buzz about your campaign by creating a press release and sending it to the local media!