Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

While there are many ways to utilize Facebook business pages (or fan pages) to boost company growth, misuse of these pages or no use at all can leave your “like” count stagnant, which means less people paying attention to your company. This is why taking advantage of Facebook tools such as, Facebook Ads and Embeddable Widgets, can mean the difference between a successful or a failing fan page.

By marketing your Facebook page on your Website, Blog, Twitter, Linkedin and other accounts, it allows you to reach a fan base not accessible on Facebook alone.

Once you have a growing fan base be sure to keep them interested and an active role on your fan page. Use apps to host campaigns, allowing people to like your page prior to submission. Integrate the Facebook Comment Feature, that activity pushes comments into the fan’s stream, creating valuable viral visibility for your fan page.

When using Facebook the tools are endless and the exposure is unlike any other, this makes it both a wonderful and intriguing marketing instrument.

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