Here are the changes and what they mean for YOU and YOUR fans.

The new layout looks and feels similar to the layout of the new Facebook Profiles and actually features many of these same enhancements. The new Pages layout has removed the tabs at the top of the Page and now presents the same side-bar navigation as the Facebook Profiles. The update also added the top of screen photo showcase and additional info display. If you see the right side of the Page it has also received a makeover. The lovely folks at Facebook have unveiled a section that will highlight the Page’s admins (if the admin so chooses). Similarly, on the right-side panels there is now a section showcasing how many of the user’s friends have also “liked” the Page they are viewing and features interests they have in common.

It has changed the look and the feel of the page but it shouldn’t take too long to adjust.

What does this means for you and your fans?

The layout gives a more efficient and cleaner approach to any business  Page. It still allows a clear expression of your brand by way of the photo stream and customizable information sharing at the top. For fans, it’s similar to their own Profiles making navigation very seamless. The whole point being ease of assimilation and navigation. It also quickly gives them access to the most useful information (top and side-bar navigation). The mutual interests and shared friends really gives users a strong connection with your Page and makes it much more relevant to them. And for business that has got to be a good thing.

Facebook now gives better Communication

This is one of Puzzle Pieces Marketing’s favorite updates. Page administrators are now able to completely communicate as the Page (or their brand) nearly everywhere on Facebook–posts, comments and likes on other Pages can appear as the brand and not the individual admin through a feature called “Login as Page.” By logging in as the Page you manage, you can interact with the Facebook community as the Page. You cannot, however, interact directly with users by posting on their wall or commenting on a status UNLESS the user has given “everybody” that permission in their privacy settings. When a user is logged in as a Page, they see a completely different News Feed–it’ll show them relevant content from the Pages they’ve “liked.” Another equally important update related to efficient communication is in the notifications to Page admins. When a user is logged in as a Page, they can choose to get notifications (via traditional on-site notifications or via email) for new “likes” and other activity (interactions) occurring on their Page. So when you go to click the account link and look for manage pages you are presented with “use Facebook as Page”.  Don’t let this throw you.. Click the link and then check out the little step by step explanation…

What does this mean for you and your fans?

This has HUGE implications for brands. Now your brand has a presence on Facebook beyond your stand-alone Page. You can respond to negative comments and posts on other Pages AS YOUR BRAND. You can also endorse or support partner Pages as your brand. The News Feed view for Page admins will allow you to stay updated on the latest and most important news from other Pages you care about. And the notifications will give you insight into new fan/like acquisition as well as an easy way to manage incoming activity on your Page. This gives your fans easy access to interact with you in other ways. It also should give them a faster response time from your brand.

Everyone Filter

Imagine being able to easily access the hottest topics and discussions on a Page? Now you can! As part of the changes, Facebook added an “Everyone” filter which when selected brings the most engaging posts and threads to the top of the Page.

What does this mean for you and your fans?

With the click of a button, you are able to see the most “liked” and commented conversations on your Page and engage and monitor those conversations seamlessly. For fans who choose this filter, they can really get a feel for the conversations that take place on your Page. A post from your friend with 50 comments from fans is much more inviting and relevant than whatever may appear at the top of the Page with the previous recency-ordered filters. Relevancy is king on the internet.

Advanced Admin Controls

This update may be coming at a later date, but there will be significant improvements to the admin control settings. Admins will be able to HIDE posts (spam and posts containing words on your customized Blocklist). While fans will only have the options to filter posts “by page” or by “everyone,” admins can see “hidden” and “most recent.” Which at the end of the day is what being an admin is all about anyway..

What does this mean for you and your fans?

Thankfully this gives the admin entity much more control over the monitoring process and allows admins to easily toggle between posts as and when they want to and also to manage spam or potentially harmful posts by overzealous fans. And on the fans side of things this should also mean a faster response time and in theory a better stream of information from the brand.

The changes launched today are in preview mode and will be unrolled across the wider platform on March 10, 2011. During the preview mode, admins can see the preview of the new Page layout and decide if they want to make the switch. Important note though, once you opt-in to upgrade your Pages to the new design, there is no way to revert back to the old layout. So tread carefully especially if you have things inside your content you wish to change or backup. If your brand image requires a certain layout then you have until the tenth to look into maintaining that look.