Of all the new social media technologies to emerge in the 21st century, none have been as friendly to the business world as LinkedIn. A veritable Facebook for executives, LinkedIn provides business people the opportunity to network, share experience and tips, and peruse other employment possibilities. Even more awesome, LinkedIn allows a well-connected business person to transition their expansive network into potential clients for themselves or for their business. Now, this may seem tricky, but Puzzle Pieces Marketing is here to help make things just a bit easier for you. We have created some great ways for you to use your LinkedIn profile to help your company prosper!

Linkedin Groups

Utilize LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are basically clusters of professionals who all work together to help better each other. The benefit of being a top influencer in a group is that you are seen with AUTHORITY. This authority can then be used to gain more attention from professionals inside the group.

One of the best ways to become a top influencer in a group is by responding to questions that arise in the group. If you participate enough, you will quickly become influential. Once you are seen as an influencer, it is time to begin distributing your content, but it should be done delicately. Instead of just throwing your content out to the masses, try to find relevant questions where your content can be the solution. This method is beneficial for two reasons: one, it eliminates the possibility of your content being considered a “promotion” and two, it is viewed as more of a natural method of distribution that viewers will respond positively to.

A good technique to use, once you are seen as an influencer, is to create a discussion about something your content can solve. Once the discussion has attracted some attention, it is time to re-appear with the solution to this seemingly unsolvable conundrum. This technique will get your content noticed, your business noticed, and, most importantly, you noticed!


Make your profile more discoverable

Just like SEO, you should spend time optimizing your profile so that it can be more discoverable by desirable audiences There are a few ways you could go about doing this:

Tip 1

The first way would be to add some keywords into your headline. Once again, think SEO; imagine what people are looking for and how you fit into that picture. If you want to be more discoverable to people wanting blogs, add “blogger and content creator” into that headline, so that they know they found what they’re looking for. This is a simple trick, but it can pay-off greatly!

Tip 2

Following in the SEO theme, you can’t forget to optimize your summary, too. Try and write your summary so that relevant keywords that you want associated with yourself are prevalent and numerous!

Tip 3

Another way would be to show off your skills! What we mean by this is that viewers trust accounts that have verified skills. Discovering that you are skilled in a variety of things shows people that you actually know what you’re talking about. It’s even better if you can get endorsed by colleagues so that viewers know that you aren’t just faking it.

Tip 4

Lastly, don’t be shy! This is an easy one: Don’t have your “private” setting turned on. I know the loss of privacy isn’t easy, but you’re not on LinkedIn to be ignored. This can be an easy way to start acquiring more links FAST!

Everyone wants to be the LinkedIn profile that has thousands of links, which are all active and engaging. By following these tips and techniques, you will start yourself down the path to becoming a major LinkedIn influencer in no time! To find out how to enhance your LinkedIn FURTHER, click here