Welcome back to Puzzle Pieces Marketing‘s set of blogs focusing on optimizing your LinkedIn profile! In case you missed our first post, you can easily get caught up by clicking here. We will continue discussing innovative ways you can enhance your LinkedIn profile to help you and your business succeed in an increasingly digital world!

Start Your Own LinkedIn Group!

Like we discussed in the previous post about LinkedIn, Groups can be an excellent way for you to establish yourself as an authority in a particular field. Instead of simply participating in an existing group, hoping to be noticed, why not start your own? Building your very own group can be a great way to gain some LinkedIn interest. Just like in real life, if your start it, you control it! You will automatically be seen as an authority and the more people you attract, the greater your authority will be. Another benefit is that every time someone joins, they will be given the option of providing their email information. Jackpot!

Sponsored ContentSponsor That Content

If you aren’t phased by spending a little money to get your word out, this can be a viable option for you! LinkedIn offers sponsored updates that can be promoted on a CPC or CPM basis. LinkedIn’s tech is pretty simple and comes with an analytics package meaning you will be able to monitor and measure how successful your promotion is. Just remember that no one wants to be sold to, so try and keep your sponsored updates organic

The Courting of an Influencer

Winning over a few influencers to your cause is never a bad idea. Having a good working relationship with a few influencers will open the doors to a vast quantity of people you want to target. But how do you build a relationship with an influencer? In many respects it’s very similar to relating to another human being – go figure. Listed below are the steps necessary to gaining your very own influencer!

InfluencerStep 1

The first step is naturally the easiest; you need to find out who the influential influencers in your field are. If you don’t already know some of the top of your head, you can simply Google “[your field] + Influencers” This should generate a large list of influencers who are regularly churning out content about your line of work. The next step is the courting of said influencers. Let the dance begin!

Step 2

After the influencers have been discovered, you must forge a relationship with them over the internet like all good 21st-centurians. To do this, like, comment, share,  and retweet their work and they may notice you. In the event they don’t notice you, a kindly worded email stating your intentions and how they will benefit may win them over to your cause. Don’t panic if they aren’t interested; there are other digital fish in the digital sea. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll catch the influencer of your dreams!

Step 3

Now that you and your influencer(s) are in a mutually beneficial relationship, it is time to start harvesting the fruits of your labor. By sharing each others’ work and giving shoutouts back-and-forth on LinkedIn, you will begin attracting attention from users who wouldn’t have given your profile a second look. Now you are a bona fide influencer in your own right. Congratulations! Now you get to be courted by the other young users who are seeking your authority and following.

Puzzle Pieces Marketing is here for you and your digital persona because we know that you can’t compete in the digital landscape without some help. By utilizing these tips, your LinkedIn profile will blossom into the networking flower it was destined to become!