EnemyGraph is a new Facebook application that allows you to list your “enemies”. Most social networks attempt to connect people based on their similarities, but people are also connected by things they dislike, which joins them in ways not usually supported by social media platforms. The plug-in highlights the stuff and the people that you and others love to dislike.

A new Facebook app lets users designate other Facebookers, companies, brands, places, and anything else they choose as an “enemy,” all in the service of tracking what the app’s creators call “social dissonance” on the site.

With apps like these, companies and brands will need to be even more conscientious in how they interact with potential clients on social media platforms.

EnemyGraph currently displays the top-listed enemies of users of the app, as well as “trending enemies” that users have named frequently in recent days.

Now if only someone would invent that highly coveted “dislike” button. What are your thoughts?