Know what type of marketing email you’re sending:

There are two major types of marketing emails with different objectives for each. The first is brand email, which promotes brand awareness, loyalty and goodwill with your customers. These include regular newsletters, and the contents could include information about a new product or service. The main focus of these emails is to make people aware of your goods in the future, and is not to get them to visit or purchase immediately.

The second type of marketing emails are direct marketing types, seeking to drive people to your products or services right away. It can be in the form of promotional offers or plain advertising, and should always contain new information. Keep in mind that they shouldn’t be sent at regular intervals as it could be seen as an intrusion for the recipient.

Remember the reason people signed up:

Keep in mind that many people become exasperated when they sign up for email related to one service, then start receiving other emails related to your other products. For example, a person that subscribed to a snowboarding newsletter starts receiving emails about hockey as well. Maintaining a clear relationship between the messages and the recipient ensures good relations and enables you to reach out to your audience.

Try to add free stuff to your emails:

People love free stuff. By adding free offers in your email, you can ensure that your subscribers will be more receptive to your emails. Adding value this way is great for building on relationships with existing customers and invaluable in cementing relationships with new subscribers as well. The free offer also creates extra promotion for your brand as well.

Focus on building relationships:

Email marketing is one of the best methods of generating return sales. These sales are focused on relationship built over time by your diligent efforts to remind customers about what you can offer. Try to avoid pestering your contacts with constant emails and focus your email content to what is relevant to them.