Comic Sans FontHave you ever considered that the font style you can actually dictate and impact how a written document gets read and understood?

Not all graphic designers and marketers understand or consider the importance of using font styles correctly. When developing marketing collateral, It is essential to understand how important font style is to capture your audience’s attention and being able to keep readers reading.

For example, Serif fonts contain extra flourishes at the ends of the letters to create an embellished, unified look much like the typesetting found on an old-fashioned typewriter. Fonts with serifs are especially useful for print, as they are more readable and allow the eye to tell the difference between letters when they’re close together.

Sans-serif fonts forego the extra flourishes to create a simple, yet dynamic look. They’re typically used as headlines, since they catch the eye and create a natural contrast to any body text written in a serif font. Sans serif typography can tire the eye more easily, so it’s not recommended for large bodies of text. You can easily lose half your readers or more by choosing a sans serif font rather than a serif font as the following table shows:

When the consultants at Puzzle Pieces Marketing work on our clients’ marketing collateral and create their website or email marketing campaigns, we work hard at choosing and applying the right font style … as ultimately you want your message read and understood so that it produces the results you want.
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