If you’re using the service Twitpic to attach images to your tweets below is an excerpt from their Terms of Service.


All content uploaded to Twitpic is copyright the respective owners. The owners retain full rights to distribute their own work without prior consent from Twitpic. It is not acceptable to copy or save another user’s content from Twitpic and upload to other sites for redistribution and dissemination.

By uploading content to Twitpic you give Twitpic permission to use or distribute your content on Twitpic.com or affiliated sites.”

For those of you not familiar with the service, Twitpic, which is based in the US, is owned separately from Twitter and is a website that allows users to easily post pictures to the Twitter social media service.

Many Twitter users have recently found themselves upset at the changes to their terms of service. I know many of us when joining new social media sites or opting for additional services often times bypass reading the terms and conditions in detail. Have you read the changes to their Terms of Service as of May 10, 2011?