How much blogging is too much

For most businesses, blogging is helpful because it has the potential to generate more leads, increase brand awareness and collaboration opportunities. Because there is so much pressure on small businesses to blog, clients often ask us how much blogging is considered too much? What is the “magic number” of times per week or month should you post new blog content?

We have noted measurable success with doing 2-4 blogs per month. This ensures consistency with a minimum of at least bi-weekly posts. It allows leaves room for a blog post per week and makes certain you don’t have too much time passing between them. For clients who are new to blogging,  we recommend starting at 2 per month to establish the habit of posting content while maintaining article quality.

With that being said, blogging done simply for the sake of checking off the weekly marketing task is worthless if the post doesn’t communicate something entirely useful to your audience. Regardless of how often you blog, even one useless blog post is too much.

How can you make blogging more valuable?

Here are some things to consider that could make your blog less useful:

  • Is it too short and doesn’t provide the reader with anything valuable?
  • Is it published just for the purpose of completing a weekly marketing task?
  • Is it too informal or too dry and boring?
  • Does it missing a call to action?

Any content marketing professional would advise you not to waste time with a strategy which doesn’t work.  The lesson here is this: publish fewer, but better blog posts. However, if you’re consistent and posting valuable content, your audience will grow and website traffic will increase even with fewer posts.

Lay out an editorial calendar first. It will help you get organized and stay consistent. After publishing something that adds value to the reader, focus your efforts on promoting it.

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