The art of celebrity marketing has been around since the beginning of marketing.  The beauty industry has had a long-standing reputation for a lack of diversity. Beauty consumers of all backgrounds have been calling for a more inclusive range of foundation shades as well as other products. This hadn’t yet come to fruition because there was no threat to the business practices of larger beauty companies until this point. With no competitors putting pressure on these larger companies, there was no push to evolve and include a more diverse range of products. This lack of diversity has paved the way for celebrities to address the problems and inequality in the beauty market, and it can show us the power of celebrity influence in various markets.

Celebrities have a particular advantage when marketing new products. This is because they can use their influence over social media as well as easily gain traditional media attention and make their new products well known very quickly. This need for more diverse beauty products has recently been addressed by a well-known celebrity and it is quickly changing the face of beauty.

Rihanna, recently launched her Fenty Beauty line which consists of 40 foundation shades with the goal being to match every skin tone AND undertone. Beauty consumers have been swarming to this new line because their concerns are being addressed. With a tagline like, “Beauty For All”, everyone can’t help but believe that IS truly what Rihanna wants. This launch has been a success not only because of its attention to diversity but because she already had a huge following on many social media platforms. Let’s all face it, social media advertising when you have millions of followers, is the obvious choice.

However, celebrity marketing can quickly turn into a PR crisis. A great example of this is Kim Kardashian’s new line of contour sticks. Many of Kim’s faithful followers jumped at the opportunity to purchase beauty products from their favorite celebrity, but they rapidly realized that the products are of unfortunate low quality. This is extremely detrimental to future makeup endeavors for Kim Kardashian because the next time she releases a product, many of her followers, as well as other beauty consumers, will no longer trust her.

The success of Rihanna’s line comes from both a huge media presence as well as being backed by a quality product that addresses a market issue.  She has been able to take her fame and use it to invite people into the market that were previously ignored. Fenty beauty is changing both celebrity marketing and the beauty market as a whole by setting the bar high for others to listen to specific market concerns or desires and not rely solely on names to carry a company.