We all know that storytelling is crucial to getting our nonprofit messages across to the public and supporters. More donors means more money for your cause, but you need to make your message stick. Is your message resonating as well as it could be? Here are some tips to make your nonprofit message memorable.

5 Easy Ways to make your nonprofit message stick


  • Mission Statement
    • What do you want the audience to remember?
    • Be short, simple & concise.
  • Be Emotional
    • People want to feel emotion and be persuaded or moved by your cause based on the passion and intent you exhibit
    • Empathize your core message
  • Use Visuals
    • Retention goes from 10% to 65% when appropriate & relevant images are used
    • Pictures are more effective than a dry statement
  • Tell A Story
    • Makes your audience feel engaged
    • The audience will recognize the importance of your message for themselves
    • Give examples to allow your audience to visualize your point and retain it longer
  • Provide a Call to Action
    • Leave the audience with something they can do
    • Increases the likelihood they will remember your message if they are challenged to take action