Social Media Tips for Nonprofits 3




Pictures and videos receive more clicks and engagement on social channels than text. Attaching images to your content is one sure way to increase engagement on your posts. Pinterest is a highly underused social media channel by nonprofits. If your nonprofit organization doesn’t have a Pinterest profile, GET ONE! You are potentially missing out on a percentage of your target audience as well as a large population of the donation and volunteer demographics.  Pinterest actually has data that tells us which topics resonate on which days. So, this is definitely a channel worth exploring.


Update your social media pages with new content daily. Share important updates and drive people back to your website by including links. Be dynamic and don’t be static!  Adding a blog to your website can be a big boost to your social media and help increase your website traffic. Repost your blog content to your social media accounts.


Eventually, you will want to start turning your friends and followers into activists, donors, and volunteers. Make sure your social networking pages always feature lots of opportunities to get involved. Also, include donation opportunities on your social networking pages. Even if you do not raise much in the short run, it helps to set expectations for the future.


Social media networks are the perfect platform for opening up discussions and asking questions of your followers. Research has shown that posing questions, specifically, those starting with the words “would” or “should” increase engagement more than posting a simple statement. Opening up a dialogue makes followers feel as though their voices and opinions are being heard and are valued. This helps contribute to strengthening your nonprofit’s relationship with supporters and building your online community.