Start 2016 off right with everything you need to develop a comprehensive Social Media Marketing strategy.

Download our 2016 Social Media strategy template to learn how to:

  1. Conduct Analysis: Is social media suited to your business? Are your customers or potential customers likely to use social media? Do you have adequate skills or resources to launch and maintain an online social media presence?
  2. Develop Your Strategy: What activities will you complete to develop your brand or build awareness? What do you want to achieve?
  3. Establish the Rules: Have you established a content management policy based on your business’ core values and beliefs? Why are they important to your business? 
  4. Create Your Team: Identify your current staff and list any future staff needed to accomplish your goals and execute your plan. What are the training requirements for each staff member?
  5. Get Started: Before you get started, what are the main actions/milestones you hope to achieve in the first months/year?
  6. Monitor Activities: How will you measure the impact of your strategy? How has it improved your overall sales/awareness objectives? Is it effective? If not, how can you modify your strategy to get a better result?

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