While online advertising is becoming an ever-more prevalent mode of spreading the word regarding products or services, print marketing can still be a useful, effective, and economical form of advertising. However, in most cases, you can’t just expect your print advertising to be effective without a little effort on your, your marketing department or advertising agency’s part. Here are some tips to consider that may help make your print marketing stand out among the crowd

1. 2 for 1

With so many print publications also being offered online now, you might find that advertising in one, may also get you the other. Consider doing your research first to find out if certain newspapers, magazines or other print marketing options with which you are considering doing some advertising will also offer your ad in their online version.


You should probably try to avoid an overly corny catchphrase or silly looking logo. But if you can find a catchy, hip, or trendy way in which to present your product or service, you might want to go with it. It’s hard to deny that attractive models, bright colors, and a catchy logo or phrase won’t attract attention.


What will the main message of your marketing campaign or advertising be? What message are you trying to convey? Consider aiming for something that gets your main idea across in an informative way, but remains catchy and memorable.


Don’t you hate those commercials or ads that leave you wondering what in the heck they were advertising? While leaving a customer wanting more may be part of a print advertisement’s purpose, unless there is good reason for it, you probably won’t want to leave your customer without a clue as to what you are advertising, its name, how or where to purchase it, and similar information.


You’ll probably want to try thinking outside the box if you want your print marketing to stand out. Being innovative and coming up with new ideas can be a great way to keep your marketing fresh.


Overloading your print advertisements with too many pictures or stuffing them full of too much information can make your ads hard to read and difficult to understand. Consider keeping your layout simple, organized, and clutter free.


Knowing and understanding your customers and demographics can help your print marketing stand out to the proper audience. It’s hard to make your marketing appeal to everyone, so determining who your audience is ahead of time can save you time, money, and help you decide what type of marketing campaign will best suit them.


Knowing your audience can also help you with the placement of your print marketing. When you have a certain demographic or type of customer in mind, it can help you place ads and do your print marketing in places that those types of people will see or frequent most.


While sometimes it’s hard to reign in your creativity, by making your print marketing cost effective, you may be able to reach a larger audience for a longer period of time, making your marketing more successful.


To help make your print advertisement or advertising campaign cost effective, you may want to consider developing a correlating budget. Your print marketing probably won’t be standing out from the crowd if you end up spending all your money on development without enough money left to bring the campaign to fruition.


While many marketing campaigns are turning to the internet as a means of promoting their products and services, print marketing remains an effective means of advertising for many companies. By utilizing the right marketing techniques, paired with aiming for the proper audience, and setting and remaining within a reasonable budget, print marketing may remain a viable option for you and your company as well.