Online advertising plays the all-important role of promoting businesses. Many people undermine the importance of a good advertisement and post advertisements just for the sake of it. However, if you wish to market your business and increase your sales prospects, you need to consider many important factors before posting your online advertisements.

Below are some  tips to online advertising that can help you make the most of your efforts

1. Provide a clear “Call to Action”:

Your ad should be to-the-point. There’s no point beating around the bush by fluffing your text with unnecessary words, as it may disorient your readers. Don’t forget to furnish your hyperlink to a particular page on your website, to let people gain additional information about the product. Use buttons or text and tell your visitor what they need to do. Draw attention to the action you want them to complete.

1. Make an attractive landing page:

A landing page is the web page that people arrive at after clicking on a natural search listing or an online advertisement. Your landing page will provide the first impression of your web site.  Therefore, it’s very important that your landing page captures the visitors’ interest. In addition, visitors who click through from your advertisement want to be reassured they’ve landed on the right page. Closely matching the headline and copy from your ad text is a great way to do this

2. Include proper keywords in your ad:

To ensure the maximum number of people view your ad, you need to use search engine marketing tactics so potential customers are most likely to view your ad.Keywords can play a major role in making your online advertising successful. When searching for a particular product or service, people tend to type certain keywords. It is essential for you to use keywords that your prospective customers are most likely to search for in your advertisements.

3. Pay attention on the length of your ad copy:

Remember, you only have about 8 seconds to attract a user’s attention. Most people will lose interest if you expect them to read too much copy. If you wish to attract customers to your domain, or ask them to take other actions, try writing a short and simple message. However, if you’re selling a certain product or service, it’s recommended that you provide the maximum amount of information to gain their attention but still leaving enough to encourage them to ask for more.

4. Put your most critical landing page elements above the fold

Research shows that over half of your visitors will not even scroll “below the fold”. Get straight into your main message and keep calls to action in the upper half of the page.

5. Use positive words:

The type of words you use in your advertisement can have a major impact in deciding the fate of your online advertisements. Words such as “sale,” “free,” “discount” and “new” tend to have an optimistic effect on the customer psyche.

6. Write in the second person – You and Your

Users are interested in how your product/services benefit them. Make this message clear by using “You” and “Your” in the copy.


While this list doesn’t include every way to optimize your online advertising efforts but they provide you with a good foundation to get on the right track. Try implementing some of these suggestions and post a comment with your results!